Cabin Refit, Upholstery, Renovating
Galley Refit, Expansion
Boat cabin refit, Headlining

Refits and Refurbisments

If the worst has happened and there has been a fire on board, we can work with insurance companies to restore your boat to new again.

Whether your cabins are in need of renovating and bringing back to life or you are looking for a change of colour scheme, we can work closely with you to achieve the look and design you're after. 

We undertake all manner of work including :-

  • Complete cabin refits

  • Varnishing

  • Upholstery fitting

  • Headlining

  • Veneering

  • Woodwork

  • Floor replacement

  • Appliance installations

  • Formica 

If there is something not listed that you want, it's worth giving us a call as we may still be able to help you out. And if we can't then we probably know someone who can.